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Old Testament Names For God, And What They Mean:

Elohim _____   Powerful God_______{ Genesis 1: 1 }

Adonai______  Lord______________ { Genesis 15: 2 }

El Elyon______ God most high_____ { Genesis 14: 19, 20 }

El Shaddai____  Almighty God______{ Genesis 17: 1 }

Yahweh_______   Israel’s Covenantal God____{ Exodus 3: 14 }

Jehovah Jireh__ The Lord Provides________{ Genesis 22: 14 }

Jehovah Rophe_The Lord Heals___________{ Exodus 15: 26 }

Jehovah Nissi__ The Lord Is My Banner____ { Exodus 17: 15, 16 }

Jehovah Mekadesh__ The Lord Who Sanctifies You { Leviticus 20:8 }

Jehovah Shalom___ The Lord Is Peace_____ { Judges 6: 24 }

Jehovah Tsidkenu__ The Lord Is Our Righteousness {Jeremiah 23: 6 }

Jehovah Rohi______ The Lord Is My Shepherd_____  { Psalm 23:1 }

Jehovah Shammah__ The Lord Is There___________ { Ezekiel  48: 35 }

When you call on God, using any of these names above { In the name of Jesus } God will hear your prayer.  If you read the Bible verses I’ve given you, they will help you understand better how these names came to light, how and why they are used.  Whether you use any of the names listed or not, keep in mind that God is still “Our Father” who is in Heaven, and his love for you is the same today, yesterday, tomorrow and forever.    { Edith L Tunsil 10/31/13  }



Words of wisdom:  { Proverbs: 15 } The Good News Bible, Today’s English Version:

A gentle answer quiets anger, but a harsh one stirs it up.  When wise people speak, they make knowledge attractive, but stupid people spout nonsense.  The Lord sees what happens everywhere; he is watching us, whether we do good or evil.  Kind words bring life, but cruel words crush your spirit.  It is foolish to ignore what your parents taught you; it is wise to accept their correction.  Righteous people keep their wealth, but the wicked lose theirs when hard times come.

Knowledge is spread by people who are wise, not by fools.  The Lord is pleased when good people pray, but hates the sacrifices that the wicked bring him.  The Lord hates the ways of evil people, but loves those who do what is right.  If you do what is wrong, you will be severely punished; you will die if you don’t let yourself be corrected.  Not even the world of the dead can keep the Lord from knowing what is there; how then can we hide our thoughts from God?

Conceited people do not like to be corrected; they never ask for advice from those who are wiser.  When people are happy, they smile, but when they are sad, they look depressed.  Intelligent people want to learn, but stupid people are satisfied with ignorance.  The life of the poor is a constant struggle, but happy people always enjoy life.  Better to be poor and fear the Lord, than to be rich and in trouble.  Better to eat vegetables with people you love than to eat the finest meat where there is hate.

Hot tempers cause arguments, but patience brings peace.  If you are lazy, you will meet difficulty everywhere, but if you are honest, you will have no trouble.  Wise children make their fathers happy.  Only fools despise their mothers.  stupid people are happy with their foolishness, but the wise will do what is right.  Get all the advice you can, and you will succeed; without it you will fail.  What a joy it is to find just the right word for the right occasion! 

Wise people walk the road that leads upward to life, not the road that leads downward to death.  The Lord will destroy the homes of arrogant men, but he will protect a widow’s property.  The Lord hates evil thoughts, but he is pleased with friendly words.  Try to make a profit dishonestly, and you get your family in trouble.  Don’t take bribes and you will live longer.  Good people think before they answer.  Evil people have a quick reply, but it causes trouble.

When good people pray, the Lord listens, but he ignores those who are evil.  Smiling faces make you feel happy, and good news makes you feel better.  If you pay attention when you are corrected, you are wise.  If you refuse to learn, you are hurting yourself.  if you accept correction, you will become wiser.  Reverence for the Lord is an education in itself.  You must be humble before you can ever receive honors.

                     “KNOW THE LORD AND LIVE BY HIS WORDS”

Written by: Edith  L Tunsil,  10/31/13










The Books Of The Bible, { In Biblical Order }

                                The Old Testament:

{ Law: }

Genesis,  Exodus,   Leviticus,   Numbers,   Deuteronomy.

{ History: }

Joshua,   Judges,   Ruth,   1 Samuel,   II Samuel,   1 Kings,   II Kings.

I Chronicles,   II Chronicles,   Ezra,   Nehemiah,   Esther.

{ Poetry: }

Job,   Psalms,   Proverbs,   Ecclesiastes,   Song Of Solomon.

{ Major Prophets: }

Isaiah,   Jeremiah,   Lamentations,   Ezekiel,   Daniel.

{ Minor Prophets:}

Hosea,   Joel,   Amos,   Obadiah,   Jonah,   Micah,   Nahum,   Habakkuk,

Zephaniah,   Haggai,   Zachariah,   Malachi.


                       The New Testament:

{ Gospels: }

Matthew,   Mark,   Luke,   John.

{ History: }


{ Paul’s Letters: }

Romans,   1 Corinthians,   II Corinthians,   Galatians,   Ephesians,    Philippians,   Colossians,   1 Thessalonians,   II Thessalonians,   1Timothy,   II Timothy,   Titus,   Philemon.

{ General Letters: }

Hebrews,   James,   1 Peter,   II Peter,   1 John,   II John,   III John,   Jude.

{ Prophecy: }





Love Is The Answer, Where Is The Love ?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I wonder, are any of you experiencing a somewhat  ”Diminished” feeling of Love flowing around you in the world today?  It is a more insecure and different expression of love, among people than it used to be years ago.  I look around many times, as I go out to accomplish duties I have planned for the day, sometimes I’ll be at a park or another place for recreation, just to relax, trying to enjoy the environment, and appreciate the things of nature that God has created for us However, it is what I don’t see, that makes me wonder and ask this question,” WHERE IS THE LOVE” ?

There are so many examples I could use to help express what I’m saying to you.  For one example: I don’t see couples walking and holding hands like they used to, or people showing that warm, kind look on their faces maybe say hi, or hello as they approach and pass by. For many it seems that wearing a smile on their face is out of the question, it’s like asking for trouble, as if someone will take advantage of them, or maybe cause them to be a direct target for an evil attack somehow.

We should realize that what shows on the outside, is a mirror image of what is on the inside of us.  When we have the LOVE OF GOD on the inside, that is a true power from God that we cannot and should not want to hide. It is a weapon and a shield, that lets the “evil Spirits” know you are a Child Of God, you do not fear them, God’s Love is your weapon making you “Armed And Dangerous”, the same as God’s words.

You don’t have to walk around with a “Sour Face”, or be afraid to speak and say whatever you desire, nor, do you have to look like “The joker” from a “Batman” movie.  A pleasant relaxed face shows that you are a confident, secure, a standing on the Rock Of Jesus, “WARRIOR”.  You are ready and ( Spiritually Prepared, with Knowledge Of The Word, and know the power it has. It also shows that you understand what it means to be a Christian”. You are always “Armed and Ready”, with your shield and The Complete” Amor Of God” at all times.) Ready to take on anything the Devil and his demons throw your way, and they will try. That’s why we all should know what the Bible says, so we’ll know the “EXTREME POWER AND LOVE” we have from God through Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

Remind yourselves of the story of ”David And Goliath” { the average young shepherd boy } with no other weapon than his ”Faith In God” and a “SLING SHOT”, and a stone to use with it.  David, had the Confidence and Determination, that no other man had, to go against a GIANT named GOLIATH, Which he did Conquer and Kill { David Beheaded Goliath }  People that were there and witnessed this event were ASTONISHED!  SHOCKED! and found it hard to comprehend what they had just seen.

David had to feel the love of God in himself and with him as he went up against this giant.  In the Bible it tells us, David knew he would have the Victory over Goliath, and did not hold back, he went towards that giant with a force that no “Human Being” could have acquired on their own.  David had a   FEARLESSNESS  that could only come from His God.  To read the full story of “David And Goliath”, go to: {  I Samuel 17: 1-58 }.


I may be able to speak the languages of human beings and even of angels, but if I have no love, then my speech is no more than a “noisy gong” or a” clanging bell “. I may have the gift of preaching; I may have all knowledge and understand all secrets; I may have all Faith needed to move mountains-but if I have no love, I am nothing.  I may give away everything I have, even give up my body to be burned but, if I have no love, this does me no good.

LOVE, is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; Love does not keep records of” wrongs”; Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and it’s FAITH, HOPE, and PATIENCE Never Fail.  Love Is ETERNAL.  there are inspired messages but, they are temporary; there are gifts of speaking in strange tongues, but they will cease; there is knowledge, but it will pass.  For our gifts of knowledge and of inspired messages are only partial; but when what is perfect comes, then what is partial will disappear.

When I was a child, my speech, feelings, and thinking, were all those of a child; now that I am an adult, “I have no more use for childish ways”.  What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror; then we shall see face-to-face.  What I know now is only partial; then it will be complete-as complete as God’s knowledge of me.  Meanwhile, these three remain: FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE;  { And The Greatest Of These Is LOVE. }  ” May God’s Love Be With You Always And In Abundance”.

Written By: Edith L Tunsil, 10/26/13.









   { My “Late” Sister Miss Mora Denise Tunsil: 8/9/58- 2/11/2012 }



                             DEDICATION TO MORA

The Mora’s Angel’s Charity Project, { MORA’S ANGELS } is a “non profit” entity, that is DEDICATED to ,and named for my “Late Sister { Miss Mora Denise Tunsil } who I love and miss very much. To family and friends, she was called, Denise or “Necy”. Mora, was a Special human being, who deserves to be remembered in a special way, not only because she was my Sister but, also because she had a heart of gold.  The life she lived, in spirit, and  in reality was like the quality of fine gold also.  Mora’s easy going personality, the humorous things she would say sometimes, made her even more lovable and unforgettable.

Mora collected Angels, she had a moderately large collection of them that she keep on a particular “gold brass” wall unit, with glass shelves in the living room.  ”Necy”, took pleasure in showing them to everyone that  was interested.  Her face would light up, with a big smile, that anyone could see how proud she was of her “Angel Collection.  The Angels were all different sizes, colors and shapes, some with large wide wings, and  lighted ones.  Others, were holding a replica of the “Baby Jesus” in there arms, their wings would close around “baby Jesus, as if they were keeping him safe from harm.  That is a sample of the kind of love Mora had in her heart, not just for her Angels but, also for people as well.

 To her, love, generosity, honesty, sincerity, etc., and her love for God, was natural, it also is her legacy.  After her passing, she left these words for all who would receive it : “KNOW THE LORD AND LIVE BY HIS WORDS”, I took that seriously and I try to do that everyday.  living by God’s words, going the extra mile to make others happy, was a part of everyday life for “Necy”. 

Creating this Charity project in her name, is my way of keeping her loving spirit alive, and others like her although, I don’t know the others, and will never know them. {  I make this statement to all of you about your loved ones, “what a joy it is, that we were blessed to have had them in our lives for the time God allowed them to be with us, and to have had the pleasure of knowing them, their memories will be cherished lovingly forever. }

This Charity is being established to help other “ already established organizations” with their efforts in helping people in need, not only in this country but, Internationally.  The reason for installing this unit into the ministry, is to be a blessing to people in any way we can.  If it is a natural disaster, homelessness, sickness, financial, food, water, shelter etc., we want to help.  There are so many groups and organizations that contact many of us, and ask for help but, I’m sure you as well as I, want to help and we feel their pain but, most times we have to say “I’m sorry I can’t help at this time”, because we are in need of help ourselves.

That is why, this portion of the ministry is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY.  I am researching to establish ways to help my readers that are in serious need, whether you have been able to give or not.  People are truly hurting in less fortunate regions of the world, but I realize that many here in the USA desperately need help also, and I WANT TO HELP EVERYONE I CAN. 

After this Charity has been completely established and is functioning successfully, instructions will be given to people ”in need” on what steps to take to make request ,and get help. As you probably already know, any donated help will have to be done on a percentage basis.  Thank you for listening, and thank you in advance for your help and participation.

Below is a list of some already established Charities that we want to give a percentage of whatever we obtain here at this Ministry, hopefully on a regular or monthly basis.  If there is a charity, Organization, etc., you would like to be considered, please specify them in our comment section, and leave “info” on how we can contact them.

     My vision, is to help as many people as possible.  I want to always tell you the truth, especially with this ministry.  I will tell you that, we here at this ministry do need financial help ourselves, which would only be a percentage for us as well.  The reason is:  It takes most of my time to continue building this site, to keep inputting material that will benefit you and your loved ones, I am retired and it is my pleasure to share my God given knowledge and experiences with you.  The time, research, meditation and work it takes to give you my best, which is my Strong Desire, unfortunately doesn’t leave much time to do anything else.

 I would like it if you would join me in making this Ministry, a Ministry Of Hope, Help, Healing, A source of “AID” be it large or small to everyone, no matter who they are or where they live.  This is my “DREAM” I hope you can make it your dream as well.

At this point “TUNSIL MINISTRIES” is still a work in progress, much, much more is coming in the near future { web design etc., a lot more articles, a variety of different kinds of information to help you in your lives, a special section to honor our “Veterans and Men At War”.}   I’m sure you will be pleased with what I’m going to be doing here, feel free   to make any suggestions, as well as comments in the comment section or send an email message to:  Thank You so very much, I’m looking forward to working with you, “GOD BLESS YOU”.


1.   The wounded warrior project

2.   The Red Cross

3.   Unicef

4.   Fred Jordan Mission

5.   All Children “Cancer Treatment Centers”, and other Treatment Ctr’s.

6.   Children’s International

7. Food Banks & Food  Dispensing services in Several States & Cities              Including clothing etc.

8. Homeless Shelters etc.

9. Haiti / Africa/ Asia/ Middle East/ Philippines { many more }

10. Animal Shelters, and other similar services

11. Research for cures: Diabetes, lupus, Breast Cancer, Prostate, etc.

12. Lupus cure research ( Mora died of complications from this illness }

13. Breast Cancer Research/ cures

14. Vision Research: Cures for “Coloboma Of The Optic Nerve/ All vision       disorders, and vision Birth defects.

15. Dental Services {general} And Dental Assistance For Veterans etc.






Overcoming Procrastination:


I want to share with you some information I researched for my Son, after he talked to me a while ago ,about some issues he was having with “Procrastination” , it was making him very uncomfortable, causing him to “unwillingly delay tasks” for a large project he created, and had been working on.  At a point, he stopped working on the project for about 2 or 3 weeks, he didn’t want to keep putting things off until later but, still he continued to put things off.  Me, being one of the “Miracle Working Mothers” ( as millions of other Mother’s think they are, because they want the best for their child and want them to be happy. )  I couldn’t just say a few words to him and leave it that way.  I prayed about it, like he asked me to do, I went to the Bible for the answer, which is the best place to find out what to do about anything and everything.

In the back of most bibles, there are sections like the “Concordance” etc., that give you titles for topics related to what you may need help with in ( life situations ). There you will find scriptures to read, that will give you the “Answer” to your specific needs.  Also, you should “Meditate” on these scriptures, and decide how to use them in your life to make it better.  Example: If you need money, and someone gives you money, and you don’t meditate (think about how to use it to get the best results ), you might be tempted to spend it “carelessly” and not “pay the rent/mortgage, or buy food, or pay that bill with the “Final Notice”. Before you know it, you realize you’re still in the hole you were in from the beginning, and you have “sacrificed your opportunity to have the “Peace Of Mind” God had blessed you with.  Remember, to ”Read and Meditate” on the scriptures, and allow God’s Holy Spirit to guide you in all you do, stay in the path of righteousness ( Always do what is right ).

For “procrastination”,  I found in ——–Matthew 22: 1-14,   It says that the tasks you have in mind to do, as long as it is righteous, you have been chosen by God to do this, that ( ”Many are called, but few are chosen. )  When God gives us a task to accomplish, we should count that as “High Honor”, not to take it for granted, and know that you have been blessed to have been given this  opportunity.

The next one was ——-Matthew 25: 1-13  This is the story about the” ten maidens”, with oil to keep their lamps burning while they waited on the “Bridegroom” but, (5) were “wise”, and (5) were “foolish”.  The five” wise”, were able to go in with the bridegroom when he came but, the five “foolish” didn’t bring enough oil to keep their lamps burning, while they were gone to get more oil, the bridegroom came, took the five wise that had enough oil, they were in the right place at the right time.  They were blessed to go in with the bridegroom. To sum it all up, they did the right thing at the right time, and received a “Great Reward.

Another one is———2nd Corinthians 6: 1-2, it tells us that as we work with God, and have His “Guidance and Grace”, We should not let it be wasted.  When the time came for God to give you “Favor”, He gave it to you, when time came for Him to “Save You”, he saved you.  Therefore, through patience, hardships, and difficulties, you will come through with “STRONG ENDURANCE”, LET NO OBSTACLE STAND IN YOUR WAY.

( PROCRASTINATION, is a tool of the devil ), that causes you to “NOT” have peace and contentment, it constantly “Nags” you when you do it.  To conquer it, you must pick a scripture from the bible, keep it in your mind, every time you feel yourself falling into a “Lazy state of mind unless you know you actually deserve to take a break. You should keep that scripture active in your mind, and speak it out to yourself. This is what walking and living by Faith means, it has to come from God’s words in the bible.

DON’T LET ANYTHING TAKE YOUR THOUGHTS OFF THIS “PATH”, This is called “The path of righteousness”. If you follow this process for everything you need or want in life: be patient and wait on the Lord. Remember, God always acts in His own way and in HIS OWN TIME. You will overcome procrastination every time, say (“devil you can’t stop me, I cast my cares to God, God’s Got It” ) RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE WILL FLEE !!! May God’s Blessings Be With You Always.

Written By: Edith L Tunsil , 9/16/13.




Some Helpful Scriptures To Read In Various Situations, Good Or Bad:



Suggested Scriptures, You can start reading, saying, and meditating on to regain or maintain your “Freedom”, and Break The “STRONG HOLD” evil spirits have on you and your loved ones lives:

1 )  For COURAGE and STRENGTH:      Psalm 23:

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou (you) are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House Of The Lord forever. In Jesus name A-men.

2 )  For UPLIFTING And ENCOURAGEMENT:    Psalm 121:

I will lift up my eyes unto the hills, from which comes my help.  My help comes from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not let my foot be moved: ( he will not let you fall ), he that keeps Israel, ( the protector of Israel ) will neither slumber ( doze ) nor sleep ( your protector is always awake ). The Lord is my keeper ( my guard and protector ), the Lord is thy shade upon my right hand ( The Lord will guide you, he is by your side ). The sun shall not smite( hurt ) me by day ( during the day ) , nor the moon during night. The Lord will preserve me from all evil ( The Lord will protect you from all danger ) he will preserve my soul ( The Lord will keep you safe ). The Lord will preserve my going out, and my coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore ( The Lord will protect you as you come and go, now and forever ). A-men.

3 )  When you are WORRIED, DISCOURAGED, Or TROUBLED about Anything:     Psalm 55:              1-22:  ( read more under the topic “Worried”  number 7, below on this list ).

( King James Bible Version ): Hear my prayer, O God; and hide not thyself from my supplication .( Todays Bible version ):  Hear my prayer O God; don’t turn away from my plea.   Verse: 22 ( KJBV ):  Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain you.

( TBV ): Verse 22:  Leave your troubles with the Lord; and He will defend you; He never lets honest people be defeated. In Jesus Name A-men.


4)  FOR PEACE:  Isaiah 26: 3-4-5-7:

God will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind stays on the Him; because you trust in him.

Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in the Lord “Jehovah” is ever lasting strength, and peace.

God has humbled those who were proud; He destroyed the strong City they lived in, and sent it’s walls crashing into the dust.

Lord, you make the path smooth for good people; the road they travel is level.


5)   THE LOSS OF A LOVED ONE:   Isaiah 26: 19,  Matthew 5: 4,  II Corinthians 1: 3-4:

Those of our people who have died will live again!  their bodies will come back to life.  All those sleeping in their graves, will wake up and sing for joy.  as the sparkling dew refreshes the earth, so the Lord will revive those who have long been dead.

Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Let us give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the merciful Father, the God from whom all help comes!  he helps us in all our troubles, so that we are able to help others who have all kinds of troubles, using the same help that we ourselves have received from God.


6)   FACING A CRISIS:  Psalm: 121  ( see above ),  Hebrews 4: 16, Matthew 6: 25-34:

Let us have confidence then, and approach God’s throne, where there is Grace. There we will receive mercy and find Grace to help us just when we need it.


7)  WORRIED:   Matthew 6: 25-34:

This is why I tell you; do not be worried about the food and drink you need in order to stay alive, or about clothes for your body.  After all, isn’t life worth more than food?  And isn’t the body worth more than clothes?  Look at the birds, they do not plant seeds, gather a harvest and put it in barns; yet your Father in heaven takes care of them!  Aren’t you worth more than birds?  Can any of you live a bit longer by worrying about it?

And why worry about clothes?  look how the wild flowers grow: they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But, I tell you that not even King Solomon, with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers.  It is God who clothes the wild grass. Grass that is here today and gone tomorrow, burned up in the oven.  won’t he be all the more sure to clothe you?  What “Little Faith” you have.

So, do not start worrying: Where will my food come from?  or my drink?  or my clothes?  ( These are the things the pagans: ( ones who are not Christians ) are always concerned about.)  Your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things. Instead, be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom Of God, and what he requires of you, and he will provide you with all these other things.  So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of it’s own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings.


8)  FACING HOMELESSNESS:  Psalm 90: 1-2,  Lamentations  3: 19-24, Revelation 21: 3-4

O Lord, you have always been our home.  Before you created the hills or brought the world into being, you were eternally God, and will be God forever.

The thought of my pain my homelessness, is bitter poison.  I think of it constantly, and my spirit is depressed.  Yet hope returns when I remember this one thing:  The Lord’s unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the morning, as sure as the sunrise.  The Lord is all I have, and so in him I put my trust.  The Lord is good to everyone who trusts in him.  So, it is best for us to wait  in patience, to wait for him to save us, and it is best to learn this patience in our youth.

I heard a loud voice speaking from the throne: “Now God’s “home” is with people!  He will live with them, and they will be his people.  God himself will be with them, and he will be their God.  He will wipe away all tears from their eyes.


9)  SICK OR IN PAIN:  James 5: 14-15-16:

Are any among you sick?  They should send for the church elders, who will pray for them and rub olive oil on them in the name of the Lord.  This prayer made in Faith will heal the sick; the Lord will restore them to health, and the sins they have committed will be forgiven.  So confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you will be healed.  The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect.

“By the strips of Jesus, I am already healed”.


10) SEEKING GOD’S HELP:     Psalm 5: 1-2-3,   Psalm 6: 1-9-10


Listen to my words O Lord, and hear my sighs.  Listen to my cry for help, my God and my King.

I pray to you O Lord; You hear my voice in the morning; at sunrise I offer my prayer and wait for your answer.  You are not a God who is pleased with wrong doing; you allow “No Evil” in your presence.  You cannot stand the sight of the proud ( you want us to be Humble, Love, Trust, and Obey you .)  Because of your great Love, I can come into your house; I can worship in your Holy Temple, and bow down to you in reverence.

Lord, I have so many enemies!  Lead me to do your will, make your way plain for me to follow.  Drive them out of your presence because of their many sins, and their rebellion against you.  May their own plots cause their “Ruin”.

All who find safety in you will “Rejoice”.  They can always sing for Joy, protect those who love you; because of you they are truly happy.  You bless those who obey you Lord, your love protects them like a “Shield”.

Lord, don’t be angry and rebuke me!  Don’t punish me in your anger!  I am worn out O Lord; “have pity” on me.  My enemies will know the” shame of defeat” in “sudden confusion” they will be driven away.

The Lord hears my weeping, he listens to my cry for help and he will answer my prayer.

(  More to come in PART II, of ”HELPFUL SCRIPTURES” ) Written By: Edith L Tunsil, 9/17/13.


A prayer For Help In Time Of Trouble:   { Psalm: 6 }

Lord, don’t be angry and rebuke me!  Don’t punish in your anger!  I am worn out, O Lord; have pity on me! give me strength, I am completely exhausted and my whole being is deeply troubled.  How long O Lord, will you wait to help me?

Come and save me Lord; in your mercy rescue me from death.  In the world of the dead { the grave } you are not remembered; no one can praise you there.  I am worn out with grief; every night my bed is damp from my weeping; my pillow is soaked with tears.

I can hardly see; my eyes are so swollen from the weeping caused by my enemies.  “Keep away from me you evil people” The Lord hears my weeping; he listens to my cry for help and will answer my prayer.  MY ENEMIES WILL KNOW THE BITTER SHAME OF DEFEAT; In sudden confusion they will be driven away.  In Jesus name  A-men 





Do not Doubt: Second Version, October 8, 2013 Written By: Edith Tunsil

In all you do, need, or ask God to help you with, you must “BELIEVE”, and trust God with all your heart, mind and soul.  When you go to God about your needs, wants and desires, just believe and know that you are recieving them right then, before you finish getting the words out of your mouth.  Put it in your heart, that God is answering your request.  Remind yourself that God already knows what you need before you come to him, ( have faith ).

God just wants us to” humble ourselves” in our hearts,” as like a little child” would when asking their earthly biological parents for something.  In the Bible, Gods words tells us to “ask and it will be given to you”, “seek and you will find”, “konck and the door will be opened to you”.

All your request, can “ ONLY” be made known to God through the name of JESUS CHRIST, in prayer.  In the name of Jesus ( Our Savior ) who is the way, the truth and the life, no one can come to God (“Our Heavenly Father”) but by Jesus. We have this priviledge and Grace, because Jesus shed his blood, suffered and died on the cross for us, was buried” BUT” he arose from the grave in three days, as a ”CONQURER” after defeating” Satan” (the enemy) and all his demons. Jesus returned with  VICTORY OVER DEATH, HELL and SIN, so we could have the CHOICE to be saved and have ”ETERNAL LIFE” with him. He is sitting now today, on the right hand side of Our Father God, on the throne in Heaven. YES, JESUS IS REAL AND ALIVE,  He Loves us ALL.  He is waiting for you to call his name and tell him what you need.





Do Not Get Discouraged Or Weary In Well Doing, And Don’t Give Up

Do Not Get Discouraged Or Weary In Well Doing, And Don’t Give Up:

Many of you have tasks or projects you are working on, intended to better your quality of life etc.  Some are endeavors for yourself, another individual, or other individuals.  All during the time you are in the process of completing what you’re working on, you may sometimes start to think thoughts of “Discouragement and feelings of Weariness”.  For instance, you might think or say:  What if I can’t finish this project?   Have I taken on more than I can handle?   What if in the end, the outcome is not what I expect it to be? 

Do not allow these kinds of thoughts to stay in your mind and dominate your thought process.  I’m not saying they shouldn’t come, or that they won’t come, I assure you they will. This is just how life is, but I am saying: You are in control. “Fight Back”, don’t let these “Negative Thoughts” take control of your mind, ( and cause mental pain and agony of a” false defeat” ).

  From the onset, you must be “Alert and Aware” that these are “Evil Thoughts” designed to make you feel ( inadequate, incompetent, and like you are a failure ).  This is where God’s words come into “Action”, the main reason why you need to read the Bible, so you will have the right Bible verses ( god’s words ) to use on the enemy ( the evil spirits ).  God’s words for you, are the most “ powerful spiritual weapons and ammunition” that God has freely provided for you to use, to fight back with against evil, and to maintain your ”Peace Of Mind”. 

You should say them,” speak the words out” so the spirits can hear you, if you’re in public and can’t speak openly “whisper the words softly”, and meditate (think on them), use them as “Cleaners” to sweep that negative garbage out of your head, like a broom sweeping out the trash.  When those thoughts come, You say  NO!  Gods word says (Example: Galatians 6:9– “And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” In The Name Of Jesus ). You need to also know that those negative thoughts and spirits get stronger, usually when you are at the point of reaching your goal successfully, it doesn’t want you to succeed, but You are already a “Winner” because you trust God and His  words In The Name Of Jesus.

 Therefore, nothing, or no one that can ever stand in the way, confuse, or block your progress,  as long as you keep God active and “FIRST in your thought life, and through “Prayer” and “Meditation” ( meaning to think on His words continuously ) Do this, and you will always be SUCCESSFUL and VICTORIOUS with whatever you set out to accomplish.   “KNOW THE LORD AND LIVE BY HIS WORDS” ( Late, Mora D Tunsil )  Article Written By: Edith L Tunsil

Addition:  Other helpful bible verses related to the above article:


How To Pray Effectively: The Lord’s Prayer




                                        THE LORD’S PRAYER
                                        SEEK GOD’S KINGDOM
When you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites are; they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men.  Verily I say unto you, they have their reward. { Matthew: 6-6 through 15 }:
But you, when you pray, enter into thy closet, and when thou has shut the door, pray to the Father which is secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.  But when you pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do; for they think that they should be heard of their much speaking. Be not therefore like unto them, for your Father knows what things you have need of before you ask him. After this manner therefore you pray:
Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done
in earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil; for thine is the
kingdom, and the power, and the glory for ever, Amen.
For if you forgive” not” men their trespasses, neither will  your heavenly Father forgive your trespasses.
                                         A PRAYER FOR COURAGE:  { Psalm : 23 }
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures;
he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restores my soul; he leads me in the paths
of righteousness for his name’s sake.
yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow 
of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy
rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of
my enemies; thou anointest my head with oil; my cup
runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days
of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever,

The Purpose Of This Ministry

Introduction:  The purpose of this ministry:
This ministry is designed to help as many people as possible spiritually, with the grace of God, and the” Holy Spirit” as our guide. We are given the words of God that will be answers to every specific need, circumstance, situation, trial, tribulation and more.  In this world some people suffer and some perish because, of the “Lack” knowledge of God’s words.  The bible also tells us this in the scriptures,___Hosea : chapter # 4_Verse # 6.  There are those of us that have been through a variety of trials in our lives, and come through them and we learned from them.  We were saved because God loves us, and has a special purpose for us to accomplish here on this earth. 
At the time, when we were suffering, we surely did not think or see it as God’s love, nor did we see it as a blessing. More likely, we did not see that our future would turn out to be blessings, not only for us but, for other people also.  In the King James Bible version, {The book of James, who is said to be a biological brother of Jesus, Joseph and Mary were his parents} James chapter: 1, verse # 2 :  Tells us, “My brother count it all “JOY” when we fall into divers temptations.  Verse# 3 :  Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. 
Verse#4  :  But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting
Verse#5  :  If any of you “Lack wisdom”, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and up-braideth not; and it shall be given him
Verse#6  :  But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea, “driven with the wind and tossed”.
Verse#7  :  For let not that man think he shall receive anything of the Lord.
Verse#8  :  A double minded man is “Unstable” in all his ways.
Verse#12:  Blessed is the man that endureth temptation, for when he is tried he shall receive 
                    the crown of life, which the  Lord hath promised to them that love him.
Be sure in your faith.  Here on this site:  Tunsil Ministries, we want to help give spiritual enlightenment, and to simplify all scripture taken from the bible and relate it to everyday life. We want each individual to understand the bible better, get the spiritual God wants us to have and live by it daily.  We sincerely want to see everyone “Spiritually Healthy”.
Sisters and Brothers, we here at Tunsil Ministries, love you and care about you so much, that if the answer to what you may be seeking is not listed, feel free to let us know in our comment section and we will gladly through research and prayer, find God’s answer and get back to you. We want you to have the peace, joy, happiness, love, etc., that you should have, and that God intended for you to have In The Name Of Jesus.
We are looking forward to meeting with you here, our hearts are filled with love, excitement, and anticipation while waiting to hear from you. MAY GOD’S BLESSINGS BE WITH YOU ALL NOW AND FOREVER.